Leasing Companies

With Carfix Connect you can manage new or used cars, from purchase to sale.
You have at your disposal, in the same place, all the necessary solutions for managing repairs, establishing market value or the operating costs.

Management of Repair Files

  • Check and validate the repair estimate
  • Parts ordering

Market Value

  • Portfolio valuation
  • Residual value Forecast
  • Used cars remarketing


  • Total Cost of Ownership  forecasting
  • Maintenance, usage wear, tires

Used Vehicle Platform

  • Integrated process of purchasing and remarketing of  used cars
  • Assessment of damages and market value
  • Issuing documents (purchase offer, contract)
  • Automatic online adds posting (Autovit, OLX, own web portal)
  • Issue of sales documents (offer, proforma, contract)

Carfix App

  • Self service FNOL & damage report
  • Inspection at the end of the contract
  • Risk Inspection

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