The Complete Digital Ecosystem for The Car Market Professionals!

Direct collaboration between the professionals involved in the damage, maintenance & repair or sale flows.
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How CarFix Connect works

Instant estimation

Instantly estimation  of maintenance and repair costs

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    Complete management for maintenance or mechanical breakdowns.
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    Easy access to  complete information for parts, labour and painting costs, in the most complete and up to date  databases.
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    You have all the processes in one place and you can use automatic and configurable rules for maintenance, repairs or mechanical breakdown.
Damage files

Manage damage files

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    Insurance Companies, Lessors  and workshops / bodyshops  meet on the same platform for a quick settlement of claims and damage files.
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    You use a single integrated platform for all those involved in the flow of damage, repair or sale.
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    Eliminate paperwork and access all services, on cloud, from any device.
Used cars

Manage used cars from purchase to sale

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    Check history for any used car, from purchase to present.
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    All the costs of purchase, repair and sale are shown in a single report.
Market value

Establish the market value of cars

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    Quickly evaluate  used cars with an advanced price analysis tool.
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    Used car RADAR for  real-time access to sell offers of other similar vehicles.

More Features

First feature

Order spare parts directly in the platform

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    Reduce time spent on parts orders with a click of a button, conveniently placed on the same screen as the calculation.
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    You can use automated processes for the purchase, administration and delivery of parts.
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    Platform also keeps an order history, on which periodic supplier or stock analysis can be performed.
Middle feature

Estimate the maintenance costs of the fleet

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    Calculate in advance the exploitation  costs of the vehicles in the fleet based on an estimate that takes into account the number of kilometres, number of usage years, the annual variation of the parts prices or most often consumables.
Last feature

Order spare parts
directly in the platform

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    Fully digital  interaction between you, B2B partners and the end user through the integration of the Carfix mobile app and the Carfix Connect ecosystem.

Our valuable partners

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About Us

Carfix Connect is the most advanced management system for professionals in the automotive industry.
Developed as an ecosystem of solutions, Carfix Connect brings together in a single cloud platform all the necessary  functionalities for managing the day by day  activities of companies in the automotive industry.
Carfix Connect is a product of GTM Managing Services, an affiliate of GT Motive, with the aim of automating processes and workflows, as well as minimizing the time required for  data processing or collection.

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