Insurance Company or Broker

Carfix Connect gives you access to all the needed tools for managing claims and maintenance or repair cases.
You can quickly estimate the amount and value of OE or AM parts and find out the value of an used car based on the age and mileage.

Management of Claims

  • FNOL Management
  • Open of the claim case
  • Damage assesement (or reassesment if necessary) with emission of inspection report
  • Archiving Documents
  • Damage calculation (OE and AM, with VIN identification)
  • Issues offer for direct settlement
  • Approve the repair cost
  • Payment request/ Payment accept / Automatic payment

OE Estimate

  • VIN identification
  • 98% Romanian car park coverage
  • AZT painting system
  • Parts prices provided by local importers
  • Intuitive graphic interface

AM Estimate

  • Real-time access to prices, stock availability and delivery time
  • AM optimized estimation and  direct settlement offer

Used Car
Market Value

  • Determinemarket value based on age and mileage (KM)
  • VIN identification
  • New car price RO value (JATO)

Carfix App

  • Risk inspection
  • FNOL
  • Inspection report

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